1QSR by Taylor’s Communications Inc provides
phone tech support free of charge

Before sending in your unit for repair, download and view the 3M™ Wireless Communication Systems Headset Repair Guide to determine the extent of damage to determine if sending in your headset is required.

If a failure occurs, you have 1 of 4 options:


Repair cosmetics (cases) in DIY format (View Repair Parts – CasesBoomsLatches & ButtonsTerminal KitsHeadband Assembly)


Repair at the professional level (main hardware)


Replace the headset with a new or refurbished unit


Look into the option of a new drive-thru system.

When your equipment fails at the software or main component level and professional repair service is required, 1QSR by Taylor’s Communications can repair your 3M drive-thru system equipment.

If you are unsure of the type of repair you need, give us a call. We can help you assess the level of damage via phone, email or text thru conversation and/or images. Our team is your team.

(866) 779-8900

You can also use the form below to submit your equipment for repair prior to sending

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